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Take the CELTA with EfA

The CELTA Challenge
The CELTA is not just a challenging course; according to numerous people who have taken it, it is one of the most challenging things they have ever done, and many teachers have claimed that it is "transformational." In other words, it can completely upend, revolutionize, and reconfigure a teacher's approach to the profession, as well as how they view themselves as teachers.
Of course, this isn't the case for everyone who takes the course. So how can you be sure to get the most out of your CELTA course? By being prepared. This page (as well as several of EfA's blog posts) will include resources and links to help you get ready. 

External links

There is a wide variety, not to say profusion of online resources available to the CELTA candidate, or to the potential CELTA candidate. We have looked through a number of them, and we have included what we think are the best below.

  • Jo Gakonga's Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success is a complete, free, and high quality series of videos that give you the "real lowdown" on how to each your best potential result on the course.

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