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Mariam, Face-to-Face, August 2022

"Home" is the term that comes to mind when I think of "English for Africa." Even when there were no classes, we were allowed to come to the center and study or meet there. In reality, because it was our second home, the center management provided us with everything (Watch the video here.)

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Aicha, Mixed Mode, Summer 2021

From the get-go, our CELTA trainers at EfA kept a supportive and informative demeanor. We got different materials about what we are required to do at different stages of the course. Our trainers were extremely approachable and ready to answer all our questions.  (Watch the video) here.)

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Hajar, Mixed Mode,July 2022 

My relatives recommended English for Africa because of its Highly qualified trainers. And when I took the CELTA here, that got confirmed. 
Our trainers and EFA's staff were helpful and amazing...I enjoyed my experience.(Watch the video here.)

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Fatima Zahra, Fully Online, Spring 2021

We were not only studying, we were also putting what we learned into practice. So it was a 2 in 1 kind of thing, a course and a training, which is one of the best things about the CELTA. (Read more here)


Zakaria, Mixed Mode, July 2022

 I learned many things about English Language Teaching. We also had to project what we learned into practice.
It was a good experience, and I recommend getting a CELTA certificate with English for Africa.
(Watch the video here.).


Gianluigi, Fully Online, Fall 2020

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. If I could step back in time, I wouldn't hesitate to take the course at English for Africa again... I strongly recommend the centre to anyone who is willing to take his career in the teaching industry to the next level. (Read more here.)


Ilyass, Mixed Mode, July 2022

 I've heard a lot about English for Africa. Its staff members, how friendly everyone is, how qualified the trainers are, how supportive.
They've told me so many good things, so much so that I could not have possibly chosen any other place, and I am glad I did it. 
(Watch the video here.).

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Achraf, Fully Online, Fall 2020

I would highly recommend studying the CELTA with English for Africa. The content is interesting and the tutors are passionate, supportive, and professional.(Read more here.) 

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Inas, Fully Online, Winter 2020

So they told me, Inas, you've become more academic, you've become more professional... It worked...! And so they promoted me to be a lead teacher... And then by the end of the year they started telling me, Inas, your performance was great, so we are going to promote you to be a subject coordinator. (Watch the video here.)

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