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The Certificate

At the end of the course, candidates receive a certificate directly from Cambridge University with their name and their grade. The certificate is exactly the same world-wide, regardless of where the course was taken.

Course Format

EfA's CELTA courses in 2020 will all be "fully online" courses. This is a format that has been created by Cambridge to adapt to new conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


In a typical online CELTA course, teaching practice is done in person (not online). In the fully online course, teaching practice will be done online, using a platform such as Zoom.  

The certificate candidates receive at the end of the course does not indicate that it is an online course. It is exactly the same certificate, as are the assessment criteria and content of the course.


The next course will start 14 October 2020. All courses will be preceded by two free workshops: a grammar refresher for teachers, and an initiation to online teaching.

Course Dates and Prices

28 May to 7 Aug                   O1 with Online Teaching Practice

29 July to 12 Sept                  O2 with Online Teaching Practice

14 October to 19 Dec            O3 with Online Teaching Practice

30 Nov to 13 Feb 2021            O4 with Online Teaching Practice


The course will have a minimum of two trainers (one for every six trainees). The Main / Online Course Tutor will be Mohamed Oummih, the founder and director of English for Africa. The Assistant Course Tutor will be an internationally based trainer who has received official approval to run courses from Cambridge University.

How to Apply

Fill out the application form and send it to admin@englishforafrica.net

Fully Online CELTA Course

In an effort to adapt to the new circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Cambridge Assessment has temporarily allowed centres to run a fully online CELTA course. All the elements of the course will be conducted online, including input, assignments, teacher observation, teaching practice, assisted lesson planning, and feedback.

The content, assessment criteria, and final certificate are the same for the online course as for the face-to-face course. Crucially, there is no mention on the certificate of whether the course was taken online or face-to-face.

English for Africa will offer a series of free pre-course training sessions in order help candidates get used to using the online platform. 

Free Grammar Refresher Course

All our courses are preceded by a free six-hour grammar workshop specially designed for the CELTA course, and  run by either Mohamed Oummih or the Assistant Course Tutor.

Course Venue

Teaching practice for our courses (aside from those which are fully online) will take place on the premises of our Rabat partner school, the Bridges Center for Culture and Communication (check out their Facebook page for more information), located in the Hay Riad sector in Rabat.


Bridges received the visit of a Cambridge Assessment representative, and were officially approved as a CELTA course venue.

Application Process

The purpose of the application process is to make sure that the CELTA is the right course for you. We want to be certain that you have what it takes to succeed on the course, and to make sure that it is the best course for your future personal and professional development.

Application form and Interview

The first step is to fill out and send in your application form. Based on your application, we will decide if it is a good idea to proceed with an interview. If so, we send you a pre-interview task and schedule an interview.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by telephone or by email.

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