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Lectures, videos and written texts are great for developing a command of pedagogical theory. There’s not much, however, that can replace actually being in the classroom, where you can observe freely, from a variety of perspectives, both the teacher and the students in action.

Theory doesn’t take into account the unexpected, whereas the skill—and joy—of teaching lies in continually adapting to the live environment of the classroom.

This is why we have decided to launch a series of Master Class events, in order to highlight different techniques and approaches to teaching English as a foreign language.


  • Watch EfA Director and Founder Mohamed Oummih demonstrate novel approaches and techniques with a group of real students;

  • Take part in a post-lesson debrief/question-answer session about the lesson you will have just watched;

  • Get a copy of the lesson plan to take home with you;

  • Network with other teachers and ELT managers also trying to improve the quality of language teaching and teacher training in Morocco.

4 Lessons for a Fabulous EFL Summer

Task-based learning

The teacher will take students through the task cycle—do the task, report on the task, language focus, re-do/extend the task—as they focus on conveying meaning in a natural environment. A real-life product will be produced at the end in order to illustrate how language is acquired through doing in a collaborative learning environment.

Date : July 16

Fee : 100 Dhs

Situational Presentation

A story told by the teacher serves as the context to personalize language and generate interest, and as such this framework can appear to be more teacher-fronted than most. Specific techniques—in particular, live listening and dictagloss—will be used to demonstrate how this approach can also be student-centered.

Date : July 30

Fee : 100 Dhs


Conversation and few to no lesson materials are the calling card of this seldom-used but fascinating approach. The teacher will focus on emergent language to help the students make progress as they engage in the most common communicative process of all: conversation.

 Date : July 23

Fee : 100 Dhs

Developing listening skills

Listening is often considered to be the poor parent of language teaching, often neglected or poorly taught. How do you structure a lesson so that we are helping students develop their listening skills, rather than just testing their skills by playing an audio and having students answer questions? Which listening sub-skills do our students need to develop, and which tasks can we use to help students develop them? Come to this Master Class session to find out!

Date : August 6

Fee : 100 Dhs 

  • Course dates: 16 July - 6 August 2022

  • Time:  Every Saturday, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm 

  • Total training hours: 16 hours

  • Course duration: 4 weeks

  • Venue: 13 Badr el Koubra, Ville Nouvelle,Meknes

  • Training Fees: 100Dhs / Class

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