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Language and Cultural Center

English for Africa brings a new type of language learning to Meknes, focused on communicative language learning methodology. We aim to go beyond language teaching. We want to re-ignite the cultural spark in Meknes, bringing it to the forefront of the country’s cultural adventure.

Learn English using task-based learning, where you learn by doing real tasks!

Mr Mohamed Oummih is an international CELTA and DELTA Trainer who has taught and trained teachers in over a dozen countries in Africa, Asia,

Europe, and North America. He has worked with the Rwandan Military, Rabatis Diplomats, French Business Leaders, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists and More!

We at English for Afriica believe in task-based learning methodology.

Your teachers will give you real-life tasks, which will give you authentic

reasons to communicate in English, and then they will teach you the English you need to accomplish those tasks: real-life communication in the

language classroom

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Our services

Language Training

  • Exam Preparation Online or Face-to-Face for : 

    • IELTS

    • TOEIC

    • TOEFL​

Business English

  • Business English language and skills.

  • Short courses and workshops

    • English for presentations

    • English for Meetings

    • Business Correspondence

    • Marketing, Sales, IT, and more

General English

  • General English Courses for Kids and Adults.

  • Task-based methodology

  • All levels

Our teachers are trained by International Cambridge CELTA and DELTA Trainer Mr Mohamed Oummih

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