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Learn English with EfA

Teacher training for today's Africa



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Communicative Language  Teaching 

English for Africa offers online English lessons to adults (17 or above).

Our Teachers

All of our teachers:

  • Are holders of Cambridge's CELTA certificate in teaching English as a foreign language​.

  • Were trained to teach English on Zoom

  • Use a combination of self-made materials and course books

  • Teach classes that are fun, challenging, and flexible

  • Were trained personally by Mohamed Oummih, CELTA trainer and Director of English for Africa


We use the European Union's CEFR scale to put learners in the right class. You will receive a free assessment to make sure you are studying with other learners of the same level as yourself.


We will launch new courses as people sign up. Once we have a minimum of 6 students for any given class, we will start the training.

  • Meeting times are negotiated with the course participants and the teacher.

  • All courses are 30 hours long.

  • One-on-one lessons also possible to maximize effectiveness and adapt to the learner's context.

Affordable pricing

Our 30-hour courses cost 1100 Dirhams.

The price of one-on-one lessons, or bespoke courses, will vary in function of the circumstances.

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