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Join our Free ELT Mini-conference about


Saturday 20th August at 5:30 (GMT+1)


EfA’s First International Mini-Conference on Teaching English as an International Language

A free conference featuring guest speaker and Clil specialist Jane Delaney, and founder and director of English for Africa Mohamed Oummih.
International Conference on Teaching English as an International Language
As the world’s lingua franca, English has become the default language for international language. What are the implications of this for teaching and learning English in the classroom? How do we adapt or create content that reflects local culture, while teaching learners to communicate effectively with both Moroccan and non-Moroccan teachers of English? How do we shape tools, materials and institutions that will promote the teaching of English not as a foreign language (i.e., belonging to a foreign country) but as an international language?

Mini-conference AGENDA

Mini-Conference CONTENT

About the speakers

Mohamed Oummih is an international CELTA and DELTA Trainer who has taught and trained teachers in over a dozen countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

He has worked with the Rwandan Military, Rabatis

Diplomats, French Business Leaders, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists and More!

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Mohamed Oummih


Jane is a qualified Primary and Secondary Teacher, she is particularly interested in CLIL, and is doing a PhD in this field. She has worked all over the world delivering CLIL training at universities in Japan, Kazakhstan, the United States and other interesting locations. She is also a DELTA trainer. She has travelled to many countries to deliver CELTA courses, and can honestly say that she has learned something positive from every teacher she has observed

Jane Delaney

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