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EFA-WITT : Unleashing the Power of Writing: Rethinking English Learning Skills

Join us for the fourth episode of the EFA-WITT webinar series, featuring Hector Ordonez as the host. In this session, we will explore "Unleashing the Power of Writing: Rethinking English Learning Skills." Hector will guide us through innovative approaches to enhance writing skills in English learners.

Mark your calendars for April 13th at 7:00 PM Moroccan time.

Curious? Secure your spot by filling out the registration form.

Hear from Hector's own words about this webinar:

"Are you ready to embark on a journey where the beauty of writing meets the practicality of language learning? Join us for an illustrating presentation where we delve into the innovative use of statistical metrics to enhance English writing skills and general command of the language. This groundbreaking approach focuses on enriching vocabulary and refining the writing process, offering a fresh perspective on English Language Teaching.

In this online seminar, we shall explore the profound impact of writing on language acquisition. We unlock the door to a world of linguistic enrichment through general writing tasks paired with targeted vocabulary. We ensure a tailored learning approach by integrating metrics such as Lexical Diversity and Flesch Reading Ease, maximising reading comprehension and writing fluency.

Our primary goal is to equip ELT professionals with practical strategies for enhancing writing English proficiency. Through this presentation, attendees will discover the transformative potential of poetry in language education. The benefits of expanding vocabulary retention to boosting confidence in written communication are unlimited. Moreover, you will learn to integrate metrics such as Lexical Diversity and Flesch Reading Ease, among others, to tailor language learning experiences effectively. By the end of the session, attendees will be equipped with practical strategies for selecting appropriate texts and tracking progress in English Language Teaching.

Why is it important to know about this topic?

Today, proficiency in English has become a fundamental skill for personal and professional growth. However, current teaching approaches often fail to address the diverse needs of learners, particularly in written communication. Understanding the potential of writing in language education is paramount for educators striving to empower their students with the required communication skills. This innovative approach fosters a deeper appreciation for English and cultivates a practical understanding of language mechanics. Moreover, it bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, preparing learners to navigate linguistic challenges confidently.

Join us for this enlightening online seminar and unlock the transformative power of writing in ELT. Together, we shall have a journey of discovery, paving the way for enhanced language proficiency and enriched cultural understanding. Don't miss this opportunity to learn something new for your approach to English Language Teaching. "

About the instructor

Lecturer and researcher at the National Polytechnical Institute. He has conducted teacher training programmes with the University of the State of Mexico. He devotes his effort to educative research. Presenter and keynote speaker in over eighty academic events in Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay France, the United States, Paraguay and Costa Rica. Member of TESOL, ALTE, LAALTA and APA. Speaking Examiner of Cambridge English Assessment. Collaborator in the Fulbright COMEXUS scholarship program. Author of the series “Poetry for Language Learning”.

What is EFA-WITT?

EFA-WITT offers a series of free webinar sessions empowering teachers to enhance their professional development.

 Learn more about this initiative here!

See you there!


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