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What is How to Teach IELTS Course?

The 32-hour fully online course helps teachers understand IELTS thoroughly and allows learners to approach the exam confidently and use practical strategies and activities to prepare learners for the exam successfully. This course explains and showcases techniques on how to teach all four papers, including Academic and General Training options, and all sections. It provides teachers with tools to help apply the techniques in the classroom, and practical ideas that help learners perform at their best.

The course is composed of the following two components: Cambridge LMS (20 hours): You will first explore what it means to be good at the skills IELTS targets, before learning about how each paper is assessed, the types of tasks learners can expect, and strategies for each of those tasks.

Live input sessions (12 hours): four three-hour live input sessions, each of which covers one paper of the exam (both versions of the exam, Academic and General): Session 1 - How to Teach Listening Session 2 - How to Teach Reading Session 3 - How to Teach Writing Session 4 - How to Teach Speaking.

Two 'How to teach IELTS' courses were run by English for Africa. We have received positive feedback from Chinese candidates who took the 'How to teach IELTS' course. They appreciated the individualized attention and tailored feedback they received from our experienced tutors. Many commented on the effectiveness of our live sessions, which helped them to develop their understanding of the test and gain confidence in their abilities. Candidates also noted the supportive and engaging learning environment, which allowed them to ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive guidance and encouragement from their peers and tutors. Overall, the Chinese candidates found our 'How to teach IELTS' course to be challenging, rewarding, and highly beneficial.

For more information about the 'How to teach IELTS' course or our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.

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