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Unforgettable Experiences: Testimonials from Our Last Year's Intensive Face-to-Face CELTA Course

As the world continues to evolve and adapt to new modes of learning, it's important not to forget the profound impact that face-to-face education can have. Last year, our intensive face-to-face CELTA course brought together aspiring teachers from different walks of life, creating an unforgettable learning experience. In this blog post, we'll be sharing some inspiring testimonials from participants who embarked on this transformative journey.

Testimonial 1 - Mohammed:

"As I was searching for an authorized Cambridge center that provides CELTA training, I came across English for Africa in Morocco. I couldn’t believe it at first! It was so good to be true! The whole journey was just perfect. Thanks to English for Africa, I had no problem with accommodation because the center helped me find a good one before I even arrive in Meknes.

Throughout the training, I received great help from all my tutors. I was struggling to get used to the new techniques, methods… CELTA offers, but with my tutors’ unlimited help and support, I made it to the end. On a personal level, I met newly qualified teachers and then became close friends. On a professional level, I felt like I had learned a lot of new ways of teaching. So, if I am asked what the best center to provide CELTA is, I would definitely recommend English for Africa."

Testimonial 2 - Mariam:

"Home" is the term that comes to mind when I think of English for Africa. Even where there were no classes, we were allowed to come to the center and study or meet there. In reality, because it was our second home, the center management provided us with everything we needed to teach in a comfortable environment.

Another aspect that distinguishes English for Africa is their concern for our well-being. "Hey Mariam, how are you feeling?" or starting my day with "You're doing well, but don't overwork yourself". To be honest, those comments changed our days; they made us feel like no matter what happened, everything would be all right at the end of the day.

Finally, having foreign teachers supervise us every step of the way makes English for Africa and its administration members a unique place to obtain your CELTA certificate."

Testimonial 3 - Rachid:

“I took my CELTA course with English for Africa in Meknes. I chose to pursue the CELTA program with English for Africa because it is renowned as the top center in the Fes region. I wholeheartedly recommend this center because of their professional team, which comprises both trainers and administrative staff. The trainers provide exceptional content and training for the CELTA course, and they go above and beyond by offering valuable lessons in stress management, time management, and coping with the pressures of multitasking. Without hesitation, I would recommend English for Africa to anyone interested in the CELTA course.”

Testimonial 4 - Cynthia:

“My name is Cynthia, and I am proud to be a graduate of English for Africa's August CELTA course. Personally, I selected this center for two main reasons: the attractive course fees compared to other centers and the opportunity to experience a different location in Morocco. I wanted to step away from the traditional British Council route and immerse myself in a new center and city. The fact that English for Africa is based in Meknes appealed to me, as I believed it would be a more fitting environment for my learning journey compared to Rabat or Casablanca.

Additionally, my decision to choose English for Africa was influenced by the chance to interview with Mohamed Oummih, the head trainer and owner of the center. His impressive knowledge of English language teaching reassured me and instilled confidence in my ability to successfully complete the course. I shared my fears and concerns with him, and he provided ample support and guidance. He emphasized that the center's primary goal was to help candidates pass the course, and the tutors would do everything possible to facilitate that.

I am delighted to express that my experience with English for Africa was extremely positive, primarily due to the people I encountered and the welcoming atmosphere. During my time there, it felt like being part of a close-knit family. I had the pleasure of meeting incredible individuals, and I genuinely hope to maintain contact with them in the future. Furthermore, the course enriched my teaching skills significantly. I witnessed noticeable improvements and gained a heightened sense of confidence as an educator. Despite my prior experience, the CELTA course humbled me and demonstrated areas for further growth. The ability to practice, observe my progress, and identify areas for improvement has been immensely encouraging.”

Testimonial 5 - Amine:

“My name is Amine, and I'm a 24-year-old who recently completed my CELTA course with English for Africa in Meknes. I was drawn to this course due to the invaluable support provided by the trainers. The input sessions were packed with helpful advice, not only on teaching techniques but also on navigating life in Meknes. Additionally, I was impressed by the quality of the center itself.

Although I reside in Casablanca, I decided to travel to Meknes based on a recommendation from a friend who spoke highly of English for Africa. After speaking with Mr. Oummih, the head trainer, my decision was further solidified. Mr. Oummih displayed exceptional kindness, patience, and attentiveness during our conversation. He took the time to explain all the necessary details and answered my questions thoroughly. Our discussion left me with a positive impression of English for Africa, and I heard excellent reviews about the center's tutors, which only fueled my enthusiasm to join.”

The last year's intensive face-to-face CELTA course brought together individuals who were passionate about teaching and eager to make a difference in the lives of their future students. Through a combination of practical teaching practice sessions, informative input sessions, and supportive guidance, participants emerged as confident and skilled teachers. The testimonials shared here serve as a testament to the transformative power of face-to-face education and the life-changing experiences that await those who embark on the CELTA journey.

For more information about the CELTA or our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.


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