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January TKT Online Course

  • Course dates: 30 January - 26 March 2023

  • Time: 2 hours per week

  • Total training hours: 80 hours

  • Course duration: 8 weeks

  • Course mode: part-time

  •  Training Fees: 2000 Dhs (plus Cambridge exam fees)

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What is the TKT?

TKT is a series of modular teaching qualifications which test your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. It will help you to build your confidence, and is a cost-effective way to get an internationally recognized qualification. Whether you are a new teacher or have years of experience, TKT is ideal for people who need to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.

You can take as many modules as you want, over any time period. You receive a Cambridge English certificate for each module you complete.

Why apply for a TKT?​

  • Prove your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching.

  • Build your skills and confidence.

  • Get internationally recognized certification.

  • Save more with a Cost effective qualification

Who is TKT for?

  • New and experienced teachers

  • Teachers who teach primary, secondary or adult learners

  • Teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge

  • Teachers who need a globally recognized certificate


  • Have a secondary qualification which allows you to enter higher education, e.g., the Baccalaureate (in Morocco) or A levels (in the UK).

  • Have a minimum of a B1 or above in English.

  • Have basic IT skills. ​



English for Africa's TKT prep course aims to prepare learners using a combination of self-study and direct instruction--also known as a flipped classroom. The prep course features:

  • 12 weeks of preparation

  • 50 hours of self-study, including

    • reading texts

    • quizzes

    • forum discussions

    • reflection tasks

    • assignments

    • mock exams

    • questions and answers with the course tutor

  • 36 hours of synchronous (direct) instruction using Zoom, which aim to

    • recap the content studied

    • check learners’ understanding

    • deepen understanding of key points

    • create a cohesive group experience around the course content


  • Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching

This module tests candidates’ knowledge of terms and concepts common in English language teaching. It also focuses on the factors underpinning the learning of English and knowledge of the range and functions of the choices teachers have at their disposal to cater for these learning factors.

  • Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching

This module focuses on what teachers consider and do while planning their teaching. It also considers the linguistic and methodological reference resources that are available to guide teachers in their lesson planning.

  •  Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process

This module tests teachers’ knowledge of what happens in the classroom in terms of the language used by the teacher or learners, the roles the teacher can fulfil, and the ways in which the teacher can manage and exploit classroom events and interactions.

The First Step in the Cambridge Suite of Teaching Qualifications

In addition to being an internationally recognized qualification, the TKT is often seen as the first step in a teacher's (or prospective teacher's) journey of self-development. Many teachers who plan to take the CELTA start off with the TKT, which covers a lot of the theory that the CELTA will allow candidates to put into practice.

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The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Course Test (TKT)

A test of the skills you need to be successful in teaching English to speakers of other languages

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