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EfA's Train-the-trainer Suite

Teacher training for today's Africa



The Teacher Training Suite

The six modules of EfA's Teacher Training Suite, with a heavy workshop component, aims to help experienced teachers develop the skills and knowledge they need to become teacher trainers in their institutions, or reinforce and diversify the skills, techniques, and theoretical foundations of practicing trainers.

The train-the-trainer suite can be offered to individual supervisors or managers within a school or language center, or it can be taken by a group of trainers or managers from the same or various different institutions. They should be taken in the order described below; participants who complete all modules will be awarded the EfA Higher Certificate in Teacher Training.

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Become a Teacher Trainer

  • M1: Teacher training foundations.

From self-reflection as the cornerstone of teacher training, to the role of the trainer and various theoretical models for teacher training, we lay the conceptual and practical foundations for the future teacher trainer. 4 hours plus 2 hour workshop.

  • M2: Needs analysis.

In a context where productivity relies on the efficient use of knowledge, we look at the tools and methods used to carry out a needs analysis. Participants will be tasked with elaborating and carrying out a needs analysis for their own institution, to be used in their professional practice and/or at a later stage of the course. 4 hours plus 2 hour workshop plus shadowing of needs analysis in participant's institution (optional).

  • M3: Assessment.

Trainers have a huge responsibility when it comes to assessing their colleagues, meaning a solid understanding of assessment principles is vital. In addition to looking at various frameworks for teacher evaluation, we'll develop practical tools, including teacher observation checklists and feedback forms that trainers will be able to put to use in their own contexts. The design of the assessment tools will take into account the needs analysis conducted by participants during the needs analysis workshops. 4 hours plus 2 hour workshop​​

  • M4: Observation and feedback.

Observation and feedback are the "direct action" of teacher training. Learn to zero in on the aspects of a teacher's performance that are ripe for improvement and focus on them, while maintaining a friendly and positive rapport when giving feedback. You'll practice observing and writing feedback on video taped lessons from your institution, or your trainer can shadow you as you conduct observations in your school. 4 hours plus 2 hour workshop plus optional shadowing of observation and feedback sessions in participant's institution.

  • M5: Input sessions.

There are various frameworks that can be used to design and run input sessions. We'll look at these, and then give you the opportunity, working collaboratively, to develop and deliver a part of an input session.  3 hours plus 3 hour workshop

  • M6: Self reflection.

Using one of the reflective models learned about in the first module of the course, we'll look back over the practical experiences of the trainer-in-training program, reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement, and draft action plans for improving participants' future training initiatives. 2 hours plus 4 hour workshop ​​

Teacher Training Suite Summary

  • Minimum number of participants: None

  • Maximum number of participants: 12

  • Format: Online (using Zoom) or face-to-face

  • Cost per module: 2200 Moroccan Dirhams

  • Cost of bespoke and consulting services: To be determined

  • Award: Complete all six modules to receive the EfA Higher Certificate in Teacher Training


Higher Certificate in Teacher Training

Teachers who complete all six modules in the Train-the-trainer suite will receive the EfA Higher Certificate in Teacher Training.

Contact us to take the full Teacher Trainer Suite Now

Write directly to the Director of English for Africa:

Or call: +212 680542220

Trainer the Trainer Modules

Foundations and workshops

Because teacher training is EfA's core skill base, we can take teachers who have never trained before, and through a mixture of theoretical exploration and real-life practice tasks, help them build up a repertoire of techniques, approaches, and tools that is adapted to the participants' context. To this end, each module includes a collaborative, trainee-centered look at the theories, techniques, and approaches associated with that module's topic, and workshop tasks where participants focus specifically on their own teaching and training context.


The workshop tasks--observing teachers, conducting training needs analyses, leading input session, and more--can also, upon request, be carried out within participants' own schools and institutions, under the direct supervision of their trainer, thus further ensuring that their practice and learning are perfectly matched to their own specific training context. In these cases, the trainer's role will also include a large dose of consulting for the target institutions.

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