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Business English

Business English, Soft Skills, and English for Specific Purposes

Business English for Africa

English for Africa understands that a powerful vector for African prosperity and solidarity is the establishment of business relations between African countries, and between African and non-African countries. This is why, in addition to teacher training, English for Africa offers online and brick-and-mortar business English courses to its corporate clients. 


Business English and Soft Skills


We offer both general Business English courses and soft skills workshops to our corporate clients.


The longer courses blend numerous skills and competencies that are necessary to operate successfully in a business environment. The workshops, generally between 6 and 20 hours long, focus on a specific soft skill or communicative competency, e.g., giving presentations, managing a team, email correspondence, human resources management, etc.


Both types of courses use some published materials but rely heavily on authentic materials and tasks explicitly designed for the client in question. All the courses are bespoke, and are written after an in-depth needs analysis.  

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English for Specific Purposes


One of English for Africa's specialties is designing English courses for specific professions, including mechanical engineers, nurses, and doctors, accountants, pilots, and architects. The focus of these courses is to help learners communicate fluently in their contexts, and can be weighted more or less towards soft skills or specialized vocabulary.

As with its Business English and Soft Skills courses, ESP courses are written following an in-depth needs analysis of the individual client and are based on authentic materials taken from the learner's professional environment.

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