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A CELTA in Your City

Many of you have requested that English for Africa run CELTA courses in your cities in Morocco. The good news is that we are perfectly willing to organize CELTA courses closer to where you are. Because we are a small (and highly organized, charming, and charismatically-led) company, we have the flexibility to bring our courses to you.

In order for this to happen, a few conditions must be met:

  • A group of no less than 4 candidates must make the request for the CELTA to be run in their city;

  • All 4 of them must be accepted onto the course and pay the course fees;

  • A venue site must be provided which fulfills the following criteria:

    • At least two classrooms for the duration of the course;

    • Both classrooms must be able to fit at least 15 people;

    • Photocopying services must be available (although EfA will pay for the actual paper and printing).

If you and at least three other potential candidates are interested in taking the CELTA course locally, all you have to do is contact the center director, Mohamed Oummih.

English for Africa is motivated by a mission, which is to make English language teaching in Morocco, and Africa, as great as it can be. We are willing and ready to work with all possible partners to make this happen.


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