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Celebrating One Year of Growth: My Journey since the CELTA Course

This month marks a special milestone for me – it's been exactly one year since I embarked on the adventure that is the CELTA course. Hi, I'm Chaimae, and I'm thrilled to share my experience with you.

In January 2023, I nervously stepped into the world of teaching through the online CELTA course. Little did I know that this journey would not only shape my professional path but also introduce me to some incredible people.

The first session was full of nerves and excitement. Meeting my fellow course-mates, the tutor, and even the students we'd eventually teach felt like the start of an adventure. I was ready to dive into the world of lesson planning, teaching strategies, student interactions, time management, and, most importantly, having fun.

For someone who entered the course with minimal knowledge about teaching, the experience was nothing short of amazing. The supportive group, including my dear friend Douae, who is not only an exceptional English teacher but also a constant pillar of support, played a crucial role. The camaraderie that developed over the weeks of Celta was priceless. And guess what? Douae and I forged a friendship for life during those sessions, and we're still going strong!

Our tutors were the backbone of this transformative journey. Their feedback was not just constructive but also motivating. I soaked in every piece of advice and grew, not just as a teacher but as an individual. So much so that, in the midst of my CELTA adventure, I signed up for the 'How to Teach IELTS' course with English for Africa. Juggling both courses simultaneously added an extra layer of excitement and challenge, but the rewards were beyond worth it.

The additional course complemented the CELTA experience, broadening my horizons and opening doors to new opportunities that I am still opening to this day.

So, why did I decide to take the CELTA course in the first place? Well, I knew people who had the CELTA, but I wasn't fully aware of its benefits until I joined English for Africa in an administrative position during their face-to-face CELTA course, in Meknes, in August 2022. Witnessing the impact and quality of education being delivered, and the transformation of the candidates on that course, was incredible. It was during that time that I decided to pursue the CELTA, though the when and how were still uncertain.

When the time came, a discussion with Mr. Oummih became the turning point. With his guidance, I opted for the online format, given my commitments to both full-time work and ongoing studies.

An exciting twist to the story is that I secured my first full-time teaching job even before completing the CELTA course. Since then, I've been teaching full time and working as an IELTS trainer and English language teacher, first in Morocco, then in Canada, as well as teaching students online from all corners of the globe.

Now, as I reflect on this one-year milestone, I'm grateful for the growth, the learning, and the exciting opportunities for growth and adventure that lie ahead in the world of teaching. Cheers to the CELTA anniversary and the continuous journey of discovery!

A massive shoutout and heartfelt gratitude go to English for Africa, Mr. Oummih, and the other tutors in both the CELTA and How to Teach IELTS courses for their unwavering support. Their guidance has been instrumental in shaping my teaching, my professional development, and my career. Thank you!


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