Classroom Management Skills: Grading Language

The Basis and the Bedrock

If the basis of classroom management is communication between the teacher and the students, then its bedrock is certainly language grading.

Language grading, put simply, is adjusting one’s language in the classroom—both orally and in writing—in order to match the level of the students and ensure students’ understanding. Appropriate language grading can drastically transform the dynamic between the students and the teacher. A teacher who is not communicating in a way that makes them easily understood sends the message that they don’t care whether their students understand them or not. A teacher who is easily understood sends the opposite message: they are not just going through the motions, they are there for them, to communicate with them, to be understood by them.

The Centerpiece of the Language Classroom: Communication

Creating a classroom where the centerpiece is communication—the entire idea of communicative language teaching—relies on the teacher making their language accessible to the students. The result can be an opening of communicative floodgates, and a veritable outpouring of student language—in particular, that is, when compared to classrooms where the teacher’s language is not well graded.