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EFA-Calliope Job Placement Partnership in Morocco

English for Africa is happy to announce a new partnership with Calliope, the largest and most prestigious distributor of ELT coursebooks in Morocco.

Its position on the market gives Calliope enormous reach on the Moroccan ELT market. They are in contact with the vast majority of private schools and language institutes in the country, and are intimately aware of local contexts and hiring needs throughout the country. Calliope is therefore uniquely positioned to help our Cambridge CELTA candidates find work in virtually any part of Morocco they desire.

Conversely, as the country’s online CELTA center with not only a face-to-face, but also an online and mixed mode offer, English for Africa is the serious Moroccan EFL teacher’s privileged partner in professional development. Running CELTA—and soon DELTA and TEFL courses—across the country, EFA has a reach that is progressively transforming the nature of English language teaching in Morocco.

Upon completing any course, Calliope will provide EFA’s Moroccan—and international—CELTA graduates with a list of job openings among private and language centers across the country.

Working together, EFA and Calliope will train teachers to occupy, and then place teachers, in the most promising, lucrative, and most highly sought after TEFL jobs in Morocco.

Contact English for Africa for more information about boosting your TEFL career with the Cambridge CELTA.

+212 68054 2220


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