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EfA is Launching an Exciting CPD Solution Next Week! Watch this Space!

We are delighted to announce that our highly anticipated launch is just around the corner. Next week, we will be unveiling a new teacher training service that will revolutionize the way educators enhance their skills and enrich their classrooms.

The service has at its heart two principles that are absent from most teacher trainer initiatives: flexibility and choice. Teachers who sign up for the service will have a hand in both the design and implementation of the training, both for themselves and for all the other teachers who join.

The first 15 people to join will receive a free gift!

So stay tuned for the big reveal, as we will be sharing more details, exclusive offers, and how you can be among the first to experience this groundbreaking teacher training.

Keep an eye on our website and get ready to join us in shaping the future of education! For more information about our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.


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