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EfA's Train-the-trainer Suite--Become a Teacher Trainer Today

The Teacher Training Suite

The six modules of EfA's Teacher Training Suite, with a heavy workshop component, aims to help experienced teachers develop the skills and knowledge they need to become teacher trainers in their institutions, or reinforce and diversify the skills, techniques, and theoretical foundations of practicing trainers.

The train-the-trainer suite can be offered to individual supervisors or managers within a school or language center, or it can be taken by a group of trainers or managers from the same or various different institutions. They should be taken in the order described below; participants who complete all modules will be awarded the EfA Higher Certificate in Teacher Training.

Foundations and workshops

Because teacher training is EfA's core skill base, we can take teachers who have never trained before, and through a mixture of theoretical exploration and real-life practice tasks, help them build up a repertoire of techniques, approaches, and tools that is adapted to the participants' context. To this end, each module includes a collaborative, trainee-centered look at the theories, techniques, and approaches associated with that module's topic, and workshop tasks where participants focus specifically on their own teaching and training context.

The workshop tasks--observing teachers, conducting training needs analyses, leading input session, and more--can also, upon request, be carried out within participants' own schools and institutions, under the direct supervision of their trainer, thus further ensuring that their practice and learning are perfectly matched to their own specific training context. In these cases, the trainer's role will also include a large dose of consulting for the target institutions.

For a full description of the modules of the Train-the-trainer suite, visit this page on our website: Train-the-trainer Suite | English for Africa


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