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EFA-WITT: Mind the message and the grammar minds itself.

Join us for the third episode of the free EFA-WITT webinar series, hosted by Marcel, airing on March 24th at 10 pm Moroccan time (GMT). Marcel delves into the crucial task of tailoring grammar lessons to match learners' unique styles of understanding. Get ready for an enlightening session filled with practical strategies and Marcel's expert guidance.   Interested? Fill out the registration form to secure your spot.

Hear from Marcel's own words how he tackles this challenge and shares his expertise:

"Mind the message and the grammar minds itself:  Adapting the content of grammar lessons to how learners learn

You’ve hooked them on the topic, activated what they know, covered them “Big Words,” served the Meat & Taters of Past Simple, and did some controlled practice to boot. It’s time to speak freely about what they did last week, but you hear, “Last week, I go to the cinema and see Dune!” Perplexed, you congratulate them for their effort but wonder, What’s goin’ on? The sentences learners worked with in the activities, that’s what.

So, what can we do with that? Well, we can try to understand how learners interpret the messages in the activities they do. We can analyze and adjust an activity to agree with the way they interpret messages. We can give them better tools to use. Last, we can guide their developing grammars. Those are the objectives of this presentation.

Why am I interested in this topic?

I am interested in this topic because I like to google “Meta-analysis” + [insert language teaching concept here] and geek out. My learners and I are also tired and confused about how grammar lessons make us tired and confused.

About me

Hi! I’m Marcel, a card-carrying member of the Unemployed Anthropologists’ Guild. As all the uncontacted tribes now have Bitcoin wallets, and no patience for ridiculous questions, such as, “Do the trees in the forest ever speak to you in a way that scares you?” I did as every other social scientist does—I hung up my rucksack, boots, tape recorder, and interview notes with communist guerillas—I became a language teacher.

Since the pandemic I have taught 1000+ hours online and in August 2023, I launched my own language teaching business, Just Say It In, LLC. I provide English and Spanish to learners in Spain, Poland, USA, Mexico, Canada, China, and Morocco. I still ask redonculous questions (e.g., “What’s the going rate for Chinese a zūmú grandmother to get their grand kid to go to temple?”)."

Don't miss out on March 24th as Marcel shares his insights, helping us navigate the complexities of grammar instruction with clarity and simplicity." What is EFA-WITT?

EFA-WITT offers a series of free webinar sessions empowering teachers to enhance their professional development.

Learn more about this initiative here!

See you there!

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