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English Clubs and Workshops for the Lovely Inhabitants of Meknes

English for Africa’s passion is communication, but the reason for that passion is community. A language classroom is a place that enables communication as a means of creating a community of learners. For this same reason, we are launching our Clubs and Workshops Program.

Local Interactions for Local Fruition and Fun

The aim of this program is the cultural and social fulfilment of our fellow Mkensa, with an offer ranging from chess to dramatic expression, local history, traditional cosmetics and remedies, games night, and teachers’ support (see complete list and description below).

As with our language classes, the method we have chosen to reach our aim is to give autonomy to our participants: clubs and workshops will launch as soon as we have enough participants, and participants are free to suggest themes for our clubs. By sharing our space and our expertise, our goal is to become a driver of cultural and social fulfilment for our fellow inhabitants of Meknes.

Language or Culture? Language and Culture?

The language policy for these clubs, like most things that we do, will depend largely on what our participants bring to the table. English for Africa is not in the business of imposing languages on people—on the contrary, we are in the business of enabling them.

Therefore, although the default language for these clubs and workshops will be English, depending on the circumstances and opportunities, you may decide to allow some or all of the communication to take place in one or several other languages. EfA is a places where language and community come together to form one; exclusion is not one of our values.

Open Clubs and Teacher-led Workshops

All of our clubs are “open”—in other words, they are open to all participants, and run and organized by the participants themselves. A modest fee is paid on a monthly basis (x dh), while students enrolled in our language courses have access to any club, at no extra charge, while they are taking classes with us.

Our workshops, on the other hand, are teacher-led—in other words, they feature professional trainers who are specialized in their domains, and whose job it is to draw the best out of their participants by providing knowledge, organization, and expertise to the group. Workshops are priced separately, in function of the cost of hiring these professionals.

Below is a list of a selection of the clubs we are offering. Sign up for as many as you want—as soon as we have enough participants, we’ll let you know, and we’ll get started building an English for Africa community in Meknes.

  • Drama & Theatre Activities

  • Japanese arts (origami, manga, anime, etc.)

  • Montessori Parents Club

  • Montessori Book Club

  • Meknes Metropolitan History and Architecture Association

  • English Teachers’ Support Club

  • Translators’ and Conference Interpreters

  • Painting Club

  • Mosaic Club

  • English black-and-white film club (to watch old movies in English)

  • Programmers and IT professionals

  • Baccalaureat study group

  • African History

  • Fashion and design

  • Yoga

  • Ballroom dancing

  • Community service

  • Environmental Club

  • Games Night

  • Public Speaking : Speeches & Presentations

  • Book Club

  • Sign Language Club

  • Cosmetics and traditional remedies

For more information about our clubs or workshops, contact us:, or +212 668-547072.


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