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English for Africa is now Offering CELT-P and CELT-S Courses

Starting in the fall of 2021, EfA will be offering CELT-P and CELT-S courses to our institutional clients.

These courses are at the foundational to developing stages of the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

Their aim is to give teachers a solid foundation in internationally recognized pedagogical approaches for teaching both primary and secondary school students. They are flexible, blended courses, including both online and face-to-face components, and are typically run over a period of 6 to 9 months.

In order to promote intrinsic continued professional development, English for Africa will train the teachers of our institutional clients to deliver these programs, using the Cambridge train-the-trainer course. In addition, EfA will support schools' in-house trainers throughout the program, in order to ensure appropriate assessment and training of candidates.

Finally, EfA will also administer final assessment components, including the TKT exams, and handle all contact with Cambridge Assessment English, from the initial onboarding of candidates to the delivery of certificates.


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