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English for Morocco Lesson Plan: Going Back Home

Our second free lesson plan and materials in the English for Morocco series is ready. This is a writing lesson, and it features a group writing task. Students write emails between a Moroccan expatriate and a family member who is still in Morocco, discussing activities they will do together upon the former's return.

If you've read our first installment in this series of lesson plans written in and for a Moroccan context, the names of some of the protagonists are the same. The idea is for teachers to build a world that students become familiar with and curious about--and which, as a bonus, resembles the world they themselves are living in.

These materials are free, but if you share these materials online, we'd appreciate it if you attributed them to us.

More importantly, if you use them in the classroom, we'd love to have feedback on how the lesson went. The world of "Salma and Mohamed" is a work in progress, and your help is more than welcome in making these materials as useful as possible for your students.

Once again, enjoy!

Going home_Lesson plan and materials
Download ZIP • 4.73MB


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