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First Installment of our Free English for Morocco Lesson Series: Going to the Hammam

As we mentioned in a previous post, an important objective in making English an African language is for us to use lesson materials which are adapted to the local context of African societies.

English for Africa is proud to announce that we are taking the first step towards that goal, with the launch of our English for Morocco Lesson Series. You will find below the lesson plan procedure page, front page, and lesson materials for our first lesson, Going to the Hammam.

This is a text-based grammar lesson and features a dialogue between Salma and Mohamed, a married couple. Much of the series will revolve around Mohamed's adventures as he returns to Morocco after having grown up in the United States (and no, aside from the very obvious similarities, those adventures are not autobiographical). That storyline will serve as the narrative backbone to the series, even though lesson themes and content will certainly expand beyond that story arc.

If any of you readers are interested in contributing to this project, please feel free to send me your ideas or lesson plans here, or else comment below. Once the project gets off the ground, I will be storing all of the lessons--both those written by EfA and by other contributors--on an easily accessible Google Drive which will be open to all.

The content is free, though I would appreciate it being attributed to English for Africa should you re-post.

Feedback is also most welcome--if there are things that you think can be improved in the lesson plans, or if you think adjustments should be made to the overall project, just let me know!


Lesson plan_procedure page_Going to the
Download • 153KB

Going to the Hammam_lesson materials
Download PDF • 190KB

Lesson plan_front page_Going to the Hamm
Download • 132KB

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