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Free CELTA Webinar: CELTA Graduates Help Choose the Right Course Format for You

“What is the difference between fully online, mixed mode, and face-to-face courses? Are they the same?” These are among the most common questions asked by prospective CELTA candidates. And we’ve done our best, as a training center, to answer them. As course providers, after all, who is better placed than us to explain how candidates experience the course? The answer: the candidates themselves. This is why we’ve decided to bring together CELTA graduates from all three available course formats to take part in our free webinar, this coming Saturday 8 June. They will be able to talk about the advantages and drawbacks of each mode by drawing on their own experiences, and also answer general questions about the CELTA course itself. We’ll start off with a presentation of the course and an overview of the different formats, before giving the floor to Webinar participants to answer your questions. If you would like to read up on the formats beforehand, you should read our CELTA Guidebooks. We have written a different one for each mode, just to help you decide. Part of the reason we are so excited about this Webinar is that our candidates don’t know each other personally, even though they are part of our Alumni Community. They have communicated via our Alumni WhatsApp group, sharing job posts and EFL resources, but they have never actually met—until now!

The other reason we’re excited is that, if enough of you take part in this special free Webinar, we may not have to answer that question about the differences between the various CELTA course modes anymore!

For more information please Dm us or contact us at +212 668547072/05355-26130 or

Learn Everything You Need to know about the Course!

EfA Celta Guidebook_fully online
Download PDF • 799KB

EfA Celta Guidebook_f2f
Download PDF • 903KB

EfA Celta Guidebook_mixed mode
Download PDF • 822KB

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