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From China: Zoe's EFA Online CELTA Course Experience

China is not a part of Africa, but EFA’s vocation is train teachers from Africa… and beyond. Zoe is one of a recent cohort of CELTA alumni from China, and, as you’ll see from her testimonial, this was an opportunity for her to open up to the rest of the world, because our teaching practice students are from all corners of the planet. Zoe herself was one of the best-organized candidates we’ve had. She played a pivotal role in supporting the rest of the candidates on the course with her meticulous note-keeping and organizational skills—the CELTA is a team effort, after all, and this group was indeed a dynamite team. Well done Zoe for doing such a great job on the course. The future holds great things for you!

For more information about the CELTA or our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.

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