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Housing in Meknes for EfA's CELTA Candidates

We are pleased to announce that we will be reserving a limited number of beds in the Meknes branch of the International Youth Hostels Association.

The rooms are double occupancy (single sex), and basic breakfast--tea, bread, jam, butter, etc.--is included. There is a communal kitchen with cooking facilities and a refrigerator, a common area, as well as a large garden.

Best of all, the hostel is located only a ten minute walk from the center where the training will take place.

The rooms cost 80 Moroccan Dirhams, which is about 9 US Dollars per night. As we are only reserving a limited number of beds, it's important to let the management of EfA know as soon as possible that you are interested in this housing options.

Pictures below:


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