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How the CELTA changed my Career

Marie-Jeanne Jallow took the fully online CELTA course with us in late 2023. She describes below how she took the leap towards her passion and succeeded in becoming a Cambridge certified English teacher. We at EFA are proud of her achievement and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

A Career Shift for the Better with the Cambridge CELTA

My professional journey was marked by unexpected twists and turns. Initially inclined towards biomedical sciences, I made a last minute switch to Information Technology, a decision that would shape the course of my career.

From IT to Education

Over the span of nearly two decades, I evolved into a seasoned IT consultant, honing my skills within a very prominent firm. I thrived in an environment that challenged me daily, yet over time, I began to feel a sense of disconnect, a longing for something more. Despite the professional satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment began to elude me.

My work entailed teaching clients how to navigate complex systems and supporting in-house users. This was where it first became evident that many professionals struggled with the English language due to insufficient foundational education.

A Passion is Sparked

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a newfound clarity. Realizing the need for change, I took a leap of faith and transitioned into freelance consulting, embarking on a journey marred with challenges yet deeply rewarding.

It was during a consultancy stint at an International School that I had my epiphany. Witnessing, again firsthand the struggles of professionals grappling with the English language, I realized my true calling lay in education.

This experience ignited a passion within me to effect change at the foundational level of English education. However, I aspired to be more than just a competent English teacher—I aimed to be a respected professional with the necessary qualifications.

The CELTA: Overwhelming and Invaluable

In December of 2023, I enrolled in the part-time 12-week CELTA course at English For Africa, seeking to enhance my teaching skills. The intensity of the course was initially underestimated, but it proved to be a transformative experience, reshaping my perspectives on teaching and learning.

The CELTA course illuminated the artistry of English teaching, underscoring the importance of intentionality at every stage of instruction. Despite experiencing moments of overwhelm, the journey was both challenging and rewarding.

What I Got from EFA and from the CELTA Course

The tutors at English for Africa were exceptional, guiding us through the complexities of teaching with patience and expertise. The course provided invaluable opportunities to teach diverse students from various backgrounds, fostering a deeper understanding of effective teaching methods.

A profound takeaway from the CELTA course was the necessity of clear purpose in lesson planning, coupled with reflective evaluation at the end of each session. Feedback from peers and tutors offered invaluable insights into areas of strength and weakness, facilitating continuous growth.

As a first-time teacher with an IT background, I believe that anyone willing to put in the effort can succeed in the course, irrespective of his or her professional background. However, I emphasize the importance of thorough background reading and grammar proficiency, as proficiency in English speaking does not equate to effective English teaching.


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It seems to be an overwhelming and inspiring experience. I'm looking forward to going through this life changing experience.

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