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Join our Cambridge How to Teach IELTS Course

How to Teach IELTS (32-hour online teacher development course)

For the first time in Morocco, EfA will offer a fully online course for teaching IELTS. Upgrade your teaching skills and knowledge with our four-week course.

By the end of the course, candidates will have learned how to teach IELTS preparation classes, and will receive an official IELTS Trainer Certificate from Cambridge University.

What is How to teach IELTS Course?

The 32-hour fully online course helps teachers understand IELTS thoroughly and allows learners to approach the exam confidently and use practical strategies and activities to prepare learners for the exam successfully. This course explains and showcases techniques on how to teach all four papers, including Academic and General Training options, and all sections. It provides teachers with tools to help apply the tehcniques in the classroom, and practical ideas that help learners perform at their best.

The course is composed of the following two components:

  • Cambridge LMS (20 hours): You will first explore what it means to be good at the skills IELTS targets, before learning about how each paper is assessed, the types of tasks learners can expect, and strategies for each of those tasks.

  • Live input sessions (12 hours): four three-hour live input sessions, each of which covers one paper of the exam (both versions of the exam, Academic and General):

Session 1 - How to Teach Listening Session 2 - How to Teach Reading Session 3 - How to Teach Writing Session 4 - How to Teach Speaking

Input Sessions run by a Cambridge CELTA Tutor and IELTS Teacher Trainer

Each input session tackles one of the papers on the exam, looking at both the Academic and General versions of the exam. These are hands-on sessions where the candidates experiment with activities meant to improve students’ performance on the exam. Each session includes the following:

  • Sample exam task done by candidates

  • Analysis of the exam task :

Assessment criteria

How to succeed at that task

  • Techniques to help students improve their performance

  • Fun and interactive IELTS prep course tasks demonstrated on the candidates

The Cambridge IELTS LMS will be permanently decommissioned in the spring of 2023, so this is one of the last opportunities candidates will have to take this course.

Is the How to Teach IELTS Course the Right Course for You?

If you are an experienced teacher who wants to start working in the growing field of IELTS test preparation courses, or if you want a refresher/further training on making IELTS preparation engaging and fun, How to teach IELTS is the course for you. This internationally accredited course will open the door to a plethora of opportunities in teaching IELTS and being an IELTS examiner.

You are eligible to take the course if you are at least 20 years of age, have a C1 level in English, and have at least one year of teaching experience.

An International Trainer for an International Course

The live input sessions are designed and run by Mohamed Samk. Samk hasmore than seven years of experience in Education field, He has taken on a number of challenging roles in his career, ranging from teaching, teacher training, and educational management.

He is a Cambridge CELTA and DELTA holder (specialization: ELT management). He is also a Cambridge-approved CELTA, CELT-P, and CELT-S Tutor. He has been training teachers on how to teach IELTS courses since 2020.

Course dates: 13 February to 11 March.

Need some help with the application? Feel free to contact us for more information at +212 668-547072 or at

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Hassan Ait Kchoud
Hassan Ait Kchoud
Feb 06, 2023

Hello, how much does it cost?

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