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New Course Dates in 2020

They say that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry... But they also say that all's well that ends well!

English for Africa had started the year planning to run 3 CELTA courses. As with many other businesses, our plans were thrown for a loop by the arrival of the novel coronavirus, and we scrambled to adapt. Thanks to Cambridge Assessment's decision to allow online teaching practice, we were finally able to get our first course up and running this spring, starting 28 May, preceded by six hours of free pre-course training (2 hours on how to use Zoom for language teaching, and a 4 hour grammar refresher course).

We have now determined the dates for our upcoming courses this year: another 10-week online course with online teaching practice, and a 14-week online course with face-to-face teaching practice. Here are the dates:

28 May to 7 Aug O1 with Online Teaching Practice (10 weeks)

29 July to 5 Sept O2 with Online Teaching Practice (10 weeks)

7 Sept to 31 Dec O3 with Face to Face Teaching Practice (14 weeks)

The weekly schedule for the courses will depend on the number of candidates who enroll. Keep in mind, however, that the CELTA, no matter what the format, is a challenging, intense, and highly rewarding course. In addition to 120 hours of contact, you should plan for up to 180 hours of self-study (including pre-course work, lesson planning, research, and assignments).

Are the above dates set in stone? No, certainly not: we've seen, this year, that the best-laid plans may also go awry. Against the odds, though, we managed to get our first course off the ground this year. If we stay positive and determined, more likely than not, we feel confident that all will be well, and all will end well.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

And a final word for our Muslim brothers and sisters out there: Happy Eid to all!


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