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Next Mixed Mode CELTA Course Starts in Only Two Weeks

The Cambridge CELTA The CELTA is a 120-hour Level 5 Certificate on the British Ofqual scale of educational qualifications. The certificates are delivered directly by Cambridge University, printed in the UK, and posted to Morocco at the end of the course.

CELTA courses are taught only by authorized tutors who have been vetted by Cambridge English Assessment. In addition, English for Africa works with a small pool of trainers who are familiar with each other, our approach, and our course, thus guaranteeing the consistency and high quality of our course.

Mixed Mode This new format was only authorized in July of 2021, and aims to give teachers the necessary skills to plan for and teach both online and face-to-face lessons at CELTA level by the end of the course.

Input sessions (where candidates learn about the theory and practice of teaching English as a foreign language) are delivered both online and face-to-face, at an even ratio of 50 percent each.

Of the six hours of mandatory assessed teaching practice, three are taught online via Zoom, and 3 are taught face-to-face. Feedback and assisted lesson planning sessions are in the same format as teaching practice.

Since candidates are learning to teach in both formats, we provide extra support for these courses. This includes:

  • A free Zoom for teaching workshop;

  • A free online grammar refresher pre-course workshop;

  • 24 days of training rather than 20 (4 extra days of training for the same cost);

  • Access to assignments, course schedule, pre-course task, and EfA's EFL library before the start of the course;

  • Demonstration lessons taught by trainers in both formats before candidates teach in that format;

  • Candidates teach an unassessed full-length lesson in both formats before being assessed in that format;

  • Joint reflection sessions to enable candidates teaching in one format to exchange with candidates who are teaching/have taught in the other format;

  • Access to our online course library as soon as candidates are accepted onto the course;

  • Access to video recordings of lessons taught by experienced teachers as soon as candidates are accepted onto the course.

  • The use of Slack as a workspace before and during the course, to facilitate communication and sharing of documents and resources.

The format in which you take the course does not appear on the CELTA certificate you receive from Cambridge English Assessment. In other words, the certificate is identical to the ones delivered for fully face-to-face courses.

Price: 16,000 Dirhams Dates: 9 October to 26 December Meeting times: Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm Venue: Central Kenitra (10 minutes' walk to the train station)

You can download the Course Program Here:

After the Course Our CELTA graduates continue to receive support from English for Africa once the course is completed, in the form of:

  • Unlimited access to our online teaching library (over 100 titles);

  • Access to the Cambridge CELTA Moodle platform for 6 months after the end of the course (for those who took the fully online course only);

  • Facebook and Whatsapp groups to share employment and professional development opportunities with previous and subsequent alumni;

  • Periodic online Zoom reunions bringing together all alumni to share about the post-CELTA experience.

  • Your Slack workspace will remain open to you after the course.

Applying to be on the Course

The official minimum requirements set by Cambridge Assessment English in order to take part in the CELTA course are the following:

  • Have a secondary qualification which allows you to enter higher education, e.g., the Baccalaureate (in Morocco) or A levels (in the UK);

  • Be at least 19 years of age (exceptionally we may accept people who are at least 18)

  • Have a minimum of a high C1 (CEFR) level in English;

  • Have the ability to succeed on a challenging course;

  • Have basic IT skills (for the mixed mode and fully online formats).

If you would like to participate in our CELTA course, you must go through a selection process that is mandated by Cambridge Assessment English. The purpose of the selection process is to make sure that we only accept candidates who stand a good chance of succeeding on the course, and who are also aware of its challenging nature. The selection process includes the elements below; links to the application documents are included below:

An application form and personal statement;

CELTA Application form[2989]
Download DOCX • 59KB

A pre-interview task (focused mainly on language awareness and teaching ideas);

Pre-interview task
Download DOCX • 59KB

A selection interview (to be conducted on Zoom).

Candidates who are refused entry onto the course are informed of the steps they need to take in order to gain acceptance in the future. We have already started accepting applications, and so we would encourage you to enroll soon while there are still places on the course. The maximum number of candidates we can accept onto this course is 12.


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