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Online Course (O2_2020) Schedule Published

Dear teachers and future teachers,

The weekly timetable and the course schedule for our next online course have been set, and the good news is that the course is very flexible: almost all synchronous sessions will be concentrated on one single day.

O2_course schedule_online tp
Download PDF • 268KB
O2_Weekly timetable_EFA
Download PDF • 207KB

Teaching practice, supported lesson planning, and feedback will all take place on Saturdays. One evening per week--probably on a Wednesday--we will also meet for 1.5 hours to review the theoretical aspects of the course you will be learning during self-study on the Cambridge CELTA Online platform.

This is in addition to two free pre-course workshops, one on Grammar for Teachers, and the other to help candidates become acquainted with Zoom, the online platform we will use for our lessons.

You'll also find a PDF of the schedule below.

By focusing the synchronous session on one day, the aim is to allow our candidates as much flexibility as possible. I hope it works!


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