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Online Professional Development Service

For the first time, English for Africa (EfA) is offering a fully online professional development subscription service as a part of its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program for English language teachers.

Our online subscription format is designed to be flexible and convenient for teachers and institutions everywhere who want to pick and choose the types of professional development they engage in, and who place a premium on learner autonomy. EFA’s CELTA & DELTA trainers, who will host the online workshops & webinars, will be available to answer all your questions this year—so there’s no time to lose!

What is the Online Professional Development Program?

We are offering a cost-effective way to build up your confidence, reinforce your skills, and become equipped with internationally recognized and updated teaching methodologies. Whether you are a new teacher or have years of experience, the program is ideal for those aiming to enrich their teaching knowledge and enhance the classroom experience for themselves and for their students.

The program has two major components:

Online workshops. This is a series of teacher development workshops that will increase your knowledge and skills in specific areas of English language teaching. Topics will range widely, from practical classroom management and lesson planning issues (teaching very young learners, exam classes, alternative approaches to lesson planning) to broader, transversal issues (ChatGPT in the classroom, cultural inclusion, and diversity, etc.), and will be chosen in collaboration with all course subscribers via a survey system—you, the subscriber, decide what you want to learn.

A platform for collaborative development initiatives. This is a platform where we will share valuable teaching and teacher training resources, and support you as you create autonomous PLNs (professional learning networks) and SIGs (special interest groups) to help you work towards self-set professional development goals. The aim is to provide a space where teachers who are interested in their own professional development can work together to study, research, and develop specific topics, teaching skills, and techniques that they are interested in. We will also create a repository for lesson plans uploaded by our subscribers, and provide access to an online library of methodology and course books. Teaching is a notoriously solitary profession—this initiative aims to make it vastly less so.

Why subscribe to Online Professional Development Program?

  • Annual & monthly Subscription

  • A Series of online workshops and webinars

  • User choice

  • Highly-qualified speakers

  • Valuable resources

  • A space and tools for mutual support, research, and collaboration

  • Certificates of attendance

  • Weekends ONLY

  • Invitation to write articles on EfA's blog.

  • Monthly Newsletter

What do you need to subscribe?

  • Have a minimum of a B1 level or above in English.

  • Have a stable internet connection.

How many Workshops/Webinars are Hosted Every Month?

EfA offers from one to two workshops/webinars monthly according to the needs of the program subscribers.

What is the Duration of each Workshop/Webinar?

The duration is 150 minutes.

What ELT topics are covered during the subscription?

Different ELT topics are discussed, such as teaching exam classes, YLs, teaching teens, using AI in the classroom, inclusion and diversity in materials and approaches, problem-based learning, teaching business English and English for specific purposes, Dogme language teaching, etc.

Can teachers suggest topics to be covered by the trainers?

EFA’s experience and expertise in teacher training will inform our choice of topics to be covered in our workshops, but that same experience and expertise have opened our eyes to the fact that it is often the classroom teachers at the front lines who have the strongest awareness of what their own needs are. We will, therefore, eagerly accept suggestions for upcoming webinars and workshops, and run them if sufficient interest is expressed by program enrollees.

How much does the subscription cost?

50 $ when you choose an annual plan and 15$ when you choose a monthly one.

Is there a special offer for institutions that enroll their teachers?

EFA’s goal is to improve language teaching in Africa and beyond and will consider offers of partnership from institutions willing to make high-quality teacher training available to their staff.

Do subscribers receive a certificate? Each subscriber receives a certificate of attendance for each workshop/webinar. For more information, contact us: at, or +212680542220.


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