Take the CELTA course and become... a CELTA Trainer

Take the CELTA and become… a CELTA Trainer

Many a teacher has felt this strange feeling of reverse déjà vu, of the world turning upside down when, after years of studying, they find themselves at the front of the classroom, teaching future versions of themselves. There’s a feeling of having come full circle, that, for some, is slightly overshadowed by the feeling that one has been running in place one’s whole life, just because they like the scenery. That scenery being, of course, the inside of the classroom, with its dramas and conflicts, its growth, its passion.

The CELTA Passion

Of course, if it’s drama and passion you’re looking for, you need look no further than your nearest CELTA course. And some people who take the CELTA are immediately hooked, to the extent that they, too, would like to come full circle (and run in place), and go for that grand reversal of the student becoming the master.

This is the number one answer among CELTA trainers when asked how they became a trainer: their own CELTA was such a magical and intense experience that they wanted to do it again, and again, and again. They talk about the pleasure they know, that of being in the classroom full of eager and anxious students, times the fact that their learners are teachers themselves. They talk about the impact they have as a teacher improving the knowledge and skills of their students, multiplied by the fact that, indirectly, they will be reaching all the students of each of their trainees for years to come.