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The Cambridge 'How to teach IELTS ' course

Watch an excerpt from one of the live training sessions from our Cambridge How To Teach IELTS course here

The Cambridge 'How to teach IELTS ' course is a 32-hour fully online course that enables teachers to understand IELTS thoroughly and helps their learners to approach the exam confidently and use practical strategies and activities to prepare learners for the exam successfully.

This will be the last time this training will be offered before the middle of 2024 at the earliest because Cambridge is migrating to another LMS called Cambridge One. So if you want to teach IELTS, this is your chance.

By the end of the course, candidates will have learned how to teach IELTS preparation classes and will receive an official IELTS Trainer Certificate from Cambridge University and an English for Africa certificate. Sign up for the course here:

Need some help with the application? Feel free to contact us for more information at +212 668-547072 or at


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