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Webinar-Podcasts in the Classroom 1: "Do you Really Want to Know?"

Today, we're excited to introduce Wafae, a CELTA-certified teacher at English for Africa (EFA), who will be hosting the first episode of our EFA-WITT series. Wafae brings passion and innovation to education, and we're happy to announce that she will be leading the way in our upcoming webinar scheduled for Sunday 21st of January at 7:00 pm (GMT+1).

As a sneak peek into the insightful content she'll be sharing, here are Wafae's own words on the topic of incorporating podcasts into the classroom:

"I believe that to lead a fulfilling life, one has to remain open to new things, knock on different doors, and never lose a sense of wonder. For this to be possible, however, one has to have a great deal of faith, in oneself and others, and a great deal of courage and willingness to fail. Among the many paths I have walked in my professional career is the CELTA course. I made the decision to shift my career, from translation to teaching, even though I wasn’t sure it would work out. I was riddled with fear and doubt, but I also had a lot of faith and was willing to embrace any type of consequence.

It all worked out beautifully, after all, and my decision made me meet Mr. Mohammed Oummih, my trainer, mentor, and boss, who has, despite being in the educational field for decades, never lost his sense of wonder. He is one of the most daring and most creative people I have met and he is always trying new things, and helping people along the way. One of his latest initiatives is the EFA-WITT, a free webinar for teacher training, which I am grateful to be part of.

Using podcasts for listening skills :

Among the objectives of the initiative is to introduce teachers to new ways and methods of teaching, and, to this end, its first topic will be using podcasts for listening skills. Podcasts have gained so much popularity in recent years. Whether one is interested in rocket science or the art of omelet-making, there is definitely a podcast out there to cater to one’s needs. They are designed to entertain, educate, and retain attention. For this reason, exploiting them in the language classroom may interest students and provide them with the opportunity to be exposed to authentic language and up-to-date discussion topics.

Do you really know?” is the first of many podcasts that will be looked into in the EFA-WITT podcast series. It covers amusing and interesting topics and discusses them amazingly in just 3 minutes, which makes it perfect for the classroom setting.  So, if “you want to know” how you can use it to sharpen your students’ listening skills, join me on January 14th , and let’s embark on this new journey, together!"

Join us on January 21st as Wafae delves into the captivating world of podcasts in education, sharing techniques and methods to improve productive and receptive skills, and unveiling innovative teaching approaches.

Fill out the form here if you are interested:

We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming webinar!


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