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EFA Pre-service teacher training course 

A course that will prepare you for the Academy Exam to become a Moroccan public service English teacher

The Regional Academies Entry Examinations 2022-2023

The Regional Academies Entry Examinations measure the specific knowledge and skills that beginning teachers need. The test does not measure an individual’s disposition toward teaching or potential for success, nor does it measure your actual teaching ability. The examination is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive but is limited to what can be covered in a finite number of questions and question types. Teaching requires many complex skills that are typically measured in other ways, including classroom observation, demo lessons, video recordings, and portfolios.

The Regional Academies Entry Examinations assess the content knowledge required of a first-year educator in a specific field (here, English Language Teaching) in Moroccan public schools. This preparatory course is intended for pre-service English language teachers at the secondary-school level. Generally, the course aims to walk potential teachers through four domains, including advanced language awareness; foundations of EFL/ESL education; teaching methodology; and issues in education. More specifically, this course, both thorough and accessible, will familiarize target beneficiaries with the test format and the domains the candidate is tested in; identify areas where they believe they may need improvement, and increase their knowledge and build their skill set in those areas. The following table shows the components of the entry exam and their weighting.


What is a pre-service teacher training course?

This course aims to prepare candidates for success on the Moroccan public service English teacher Academy exam. Upon passing this exam, candidates are admitted to the  academy that will complete your training to be a public sector English teacher.

 Why apply for a pre-service teacher training course?​

​The Academy entrance exam is extremely selective and challenging. By taking the course you will not only understand the content and requirements of the exam, you will become familiar with the format and learn tips on how to succeed.

Who is pre-service teacher training course for?

                This course is for anyone who wants to become a public sector English teacher in Morocco.

Application process

What you will need to apply

  • Bachelor's degree in English Studies

What you will get with EFA pre-service teacher training course!

  • Train with an Academic Inspector who has been a jury member on numerous previous Academy exams

  •  Get key insights into the content, assessment criteria, and format.

  • Get 30 hours of online self-study materials, including texts, quizzes, and forum discussions, and 24 hours of synchronous sessions with our trainer.

  • A final 12 hours of face-to-face sessions will be devoted to studying for the oral component of the exam—come to Meknes for two full days, or attend from your city online.​

What you will get with EFA pre-service teacher training course!

Combining personalized opportunities for face-to-face interaction with the efficiency and flexibility of online learning, this course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the exam :

  1.   Advanced language awareness

  2.  Foundations of ESL/EFL education

  3. Methodology

  4. Issues in Education (this module will be conducted in English and in Arabic)

Learn more details about The Academy Exam Preparation Course!

Who Are We


EFA pre-service teacher training course ELT ​

  • Staring date : 15 September

  • Online sessions: Every Monday and Thursday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

  • Face to Face training: One weekend from 9.oo am- 4:30 pm  ( with one hour and a half break at 1:00 pm) 

  • Total training hours: 66 hours

  • Course duration: 8 weeks

  • Course mode: part-time

  • Training Fees: 1800 Dhs

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