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Founder & Director of English of Africa

How we got here

Early Career

Mr. Oummih started teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and Academic English (EAP) at LaGuardia Community College, in New York City, in 1994, while still getting his BA from New York University (double major in Dramatic Writing and in French Literature). After a brief stay in Egypt, he settled down in France, where, for the next ten years, he worked as a freelance English teacher, working in primary and secondary schools, universities, and in-company. As a corporate trainer, he taught English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in the nuclear engineering, marketing, legal, and aviation industries, and as Director of Studies in a Parisian ELT firm, he specialized in designing and implementing on-site ESP training programs for mid- to high-end corporations in Paris and the Paris area.
In addition to France and the United States, Mr. Oummih has also taught and trained teachers in Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa, Morocco, Rwanda, Kenya, Hong Kong, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Singapore, and Turkey.

Teacher Training

It was in this last country that he became a CELTA tutor, in 2013. After a year of freelance work, he set up and ran the first course for British Council Lyon’s new CELTA. From 2015 to 2018, he worked at British Council Singapore’s Teacher Development Center, where he ran CELTA courses, CELTA Young Learner Extension courses trainer, and set up and ran British Council Singapore’s first online CELTA course as the Online Course Tutor. Going beyond CELTA, he also designed and ran numerous bespoke workshops and courses for both primary and secondary Singaporean public school teachers.
Also while in Singapore, he completed his Masters in Educational Technology, with Boise State University (2017; portfolio links here).

After Singapore

Leaving Singapore in the spring of 2018, Mr. Oummih went back to freelance work. He taught at Picardie University and Centrale-Supelec, in France, for two semesters, and in late 2018, he designed and gained approval from Cambridge for a CELTA course to be run at Buraimi University College, in Oman. In 2019, as Education Project Manager, he managed a blended five-month capacity-building Clil train-the-trainer project in Kazakhstan for 160 STEM secondary teachers. The project included an experimental 3-month online video-tagging and forum discussion module for teacher observations.

And Now, English for Africa

Since becoming a teacher trainer, Mr. Oummih has nursed the project of starting his own CELTA and teacher training center in Morocco. He is aware of the challenges faced by Moroccan teachers, and the stronger his foundations in teacher training became, the more he felt that a CELTA center could have a powerful impact on teaching and learning in Morocco.
He believes that the student-centered, communicative approach to teaching put forward by Cambridge is extremely well-suited to Moroccan culture, which highly values group interactions, and places a premium on team work as well as individual self-expression.

Teaching is the Art of  Listening


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