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What Work Means

English for Africa is an education company, but it is also an educational company, and a company engaged in and committed to education. Learning is at the heart of what we do, but that isn't just because we teach English, or because we train English teachers. It's because that is what we care about the most--which is why the people who work for us, whether they are administrative staff, teachers, or management, are here to learn.

This means that we are committed to the professional and personal development of our staff. Tell us how you would like to learn--what skills and knowledge you would like to acquire--and we will make it a part of your job description.

English Teachers

To coincide with the opening of our new center in downtown Meknes (Hamria), we are looking for teachers who are experienced, open to new methods and approaches, and flexible.


We will be focused, at least initially, on exam preparation, business English, and general adult English classes... Read more

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