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Insights from the 2nd International TEFL Conference

Presenting a glimpse into our insightful conference hosted at our Meknes center on August 19, 2023. Educators from diverse backgrounds came together to explore the dynamic field of English Language Teaching. Let's delve into the key takeaways from this gathering.

Jane Delaney delved into 'Mind Brain Education,' shedding light on the enigmatic aspects of brain function, leaving room for further exploration. David Ausserhuber's insights on 'Trauma Pedagogy and ELT' resonated deeply, highlighting the transformative potential of self-reflection and emotional growth. Mohamed Oummih's perspective on 'Experiment-ation in ELT' encouraged bold initiatives, inviting educators and learners to embrace calculated risks.

We extend heartfelt appreciation to these experts for sharing their insights, kindling inspiration. Gratitude to all attendees whose presence enriched this conference, weaving a tapestry of knowledge and camaraderie that binds us as dedicated educators. United in purpose, we stride forward with renewed determination, shaping the landscape of English Language Teaching. Stay engaged:

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