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Mariam Chiheb's CELTA Journey with EFA

In the bustling city of Casablanca, July 2023 marked a significant chapter in the lives of aspiring educators. The CELTA program unfolded its transformative powers for a group of dedicated individuals, including Mariam Chiheb, an English for Africa CELTA graduate. Mariam shared her journey taking the CELTA mixed-mode course with English for Africa. This unique journey not only honed her teaching skills but also propelled her to make a lasting impact in the realm of English language education. Here are her insightful and inspiring reflections, shedding light on how this course has impacted her educational trajectory and empowered her to make a difference.

"When I decided to become a teacher and build a career in teaching, I was so lost between levels, materials, skills, and so much more that I had no idea how to manage or excel. CELTA was a great opportunity for me because it was my major guide to this teaching world. I entered it as an amateur, but I'm leaving it as a teacher.

I am a teacher now, and I can proudly say it now because I'm aware of what a teacher is, what they give, and how they give it to students.

The training is so intensive that you will definitely cry during it. You will feel that it's impossible for you, and you should come to it with a strong teaching background if you want to succeed in it. You will feel tired, but you know what?

You will also feel so great after each TP you do, and guess what? You have 8 TPs and 8 great emotions to feel each time you achieve something new.

The feedback was my best on the whole CELTA. I liked how honest the tutors are and how they guide you directly to the issue and tell you how you should solve it. They also shed light on a lot of strong areas that you wouldn't have known about without CELTA.

The assignments were another challenge that I didn't know how to deal with but trust me, you're not the same as before and after writing these assignments. They are very useful; they help you discover what you already have in mind about topics and look for more information from other resources.

and the last thing I want to talk about is time. You will think that you have no time to sleep, eat, or go out. and that's how you're going to develop your skill in managing your own time during CELTA, and you're not going to get this opportunity somewhere else. I managed my time during CELTA better than the whole year; I got enough sleep, slept early, and woke up early. I managed to plan all my lessons on time as well as my assignments. I managed to have time with family and make calls with friends.

I didn't expect to develop all that's above in one month. It will definitely take you a lot of time to deal with all that alone, so DO CELTA. If I am able to do it, you definitely can." Mariam Chiheb's inspiring testimonial encapsulates the heart of CELTA—an enlightening journey from uncertainty to confidence. CELTA acts as a compass, guiding aspiring educators through the complexities of teaching and fostering professional growth and self-discovery.

Teaching Practice (TP) sessions are pivotal, allowing theory application in real classrooms, sparking accomplishment, and encouraging continuous improvement. Invaluable tutor guidance and honest feedback aid in navigating the pedagogical realm. Assignments, though challenging, prove enlightening, stimulating critical thinking, and solidifying teaching foundations.

The English for Africa mixed-mode CELTA course in July 2023 in Casablanca has significantly impacted participants. Mariam Chiheb's journey stands as a testament to CELTA's effectiveness in shaping educators and invites those aspiring to teach to embark on this transformative path toward success.

For more information about the CELTA or our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.


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