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Missed our Second Episode OF EFA-WITT? Catch the Replay Now!

If you couldn't make it to our second episode of EFA- WITT titled "Teacher Well-Being and Professional Growth in ELT" with the incredible Aya Badr, don't worry – we've got you covered! You can now watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

In case you missed the initial buzz, Aya Badr, a Teacher Trainer and CELTA Tutor, took us on an inspiring journey of self-guided professional development. In her engaging presentation, she delved into the concept of becoming your own teacher trainer, drawing insights from "The Developing Teacher" by Duncan Foord and the Cambridge whitepaper "Effective Professional Development: Principles and Best Practice."

Aya emphasized the importance of identifying areas for improvement, utilizing free online resources, and creating personalized professional development plans. She shared practical strategies to enhance teaching effectiveness and foster continuous growth. The presentation also covered the theory and application of reflective practice and peer observation.

For those who couldn't attend the live webinar, this is your chance to catch up and benefit from Aya's wealth of knowledge. The recording is available for you to watch at your convenience. 📅 Save the Date for Future Events:

Missed the live session but still want to participate in future webinars? Fill out our Webinar Registration Form to stay in the loop for upcoming events.

Don't miss out on the empowering insights shared by Aya Badr. Tune in to the recording now, and let the transformative journey of self-guided professional development begin!

See you on our YouTube channel!

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