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Mixed Mode CELTA Course in Casablanca Starts in December--Apply Now

Our next mixed mode CELTA course is more flexible than ever!

The course's 12 candidates will be split into two teaching practice groups of 6 candidates each. One group will start the course doing face-to-face teaching practice, and the other will start teaching online.

Half way through the course, both groups will change their delivery mode. In the meantime, input will alternate every week, between online and face-to-face.

The course itself will last 22 weeks. Here is what the weekly schedule will look like.

When your teaching practice group is teaching face-to-face, you will come to our venue site once per week, on Sunday, You will also attend input (either online or face-to-face) there.

When your teaching practice group is teaching online, you will teach from your homes on Saturday. However, you will only come to our venue site every other week, when input is face-to-face. The weeks when input is online, you will attend from home.

Dates: 18 December to 15 May

Price: 16000 Moroccan Dirhams

The course venue will be the British Institute of Casablanca, which is located in the Maarif neighborhood of Casablanca.

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