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CELTA for Africa Mentorship Program

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Exponential Training

English for Africa understands that it is too small to make lasting change on its own. This is why we created the CELTA for Africa Mentorship Program.

Although the CELTA is an initial, pre-service qualification, the skills and knowledge acquired on the course place these candidates in a privileged position in comparison to many practicing teachers who haven't had the opportunity to take the course. The mentorship program aims to help EfA's CELTA graduates to share these skills and knowledge, and with time, the classroom experience they acquire after the course.  


By agreeing to mentor teachers who have not taken the CELTA, EfA's CELTA candidates will build lasting relationships that will lead to exponential capacity building on the continent.


Teaching to Learn

EfA's CELTA graduates will also benefit from the mentorship program, by connecting with teachers who are operating in an entirely different context from their own. Just as importantly, they will be implementing one of the most proven axioms of pedagogy: that the best way to learn something deeply is by teaching others.


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