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FREE WEBINAR : Cambridge Employability Skills Course

For the first time , EfA will offer a fully online course based around Cambridge Assessment English’s Employability Skills. Upgrade your skills and knowledge with our four-week course.

A free webinar, hosted by CELTA and Employability Skills trainer Mohamed Samk, will be held on Sunday 21 April, at 7 pm Moroccan time. To register, click here.


By the end of the course, candidates will have developed their personal and professional qualities, enabling them to work effectively with others, communicate clearly, and solve problems in the workplace creatively. In addition, candidates will have learned how to use soft skills while teaching English as a second language and managing their learners and classrooms professionally. Candidates will receive eight official Cambridge certificates, one for each of the units, and a digital Badge of Completion once they’ve completed all eight units. The digital Badge can be added to their CV and shared on social networks like LinkedIn to help ensure their skills stand out.

What is the Employability Skills Course?

The 12-hour fully online course helps ELT teachers enhance their employability skills, also known as soft skills, which are the personal qualities and attributes that are essential for success in the workplace. These skills include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, adaptability, and leadership. They are highly valued by employers, as they enable employees to work effectively with others, think critically, and meet deadlines. Developing employability skills is crucial for anyone looking to build a successful career, as they are often considered just as important as technical skills or qualifications; they are particularly important for those who want to move into positions of responsibility in the world of ELT.

The course is composed of the following two components:

  • Cambridge One(8 hours): You will first explore what it means to use eight essential employability and soft skills for career success to help you stand out and demonstrate that you’re ready for the world of work.

  •  Live input sessions (4 hours): Four one-hour, in-depth, live input sessions, will each cover two units of the module and showcase how EFL teachers benefit from these skills inside and outside classrooms, based on Cambridge’s employability skills framework for ELT professionals.

The eight Cambridge One modules of the employability skills course will be permanently added, starting in the spring of 2024, to EfA's CELTA course, free of charge, for all our CELTA candidates. This ties in with our mission to help our CELTA alumni equip themselves and their resumes with skills and qualifications to find better offers. So don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity offered only by EfA.

Why Learn Employability Skills?


Learning employability skills is essential because they are highly valued by employers and can significantly increase your chances, whether you are a novice or expert teacher, of finding and keeping a job. These skills are transferable across many different industries and job roles, making them essential for building a successful career. Furthermore, employability skills can help you to develop your personal and professional qualities, enabling you to work effectively with others, communicate clearly, and solve problems creatively. You will become more self-aware, resilient, and adaptable in today's fast-paced and ever-changing job market. In addition, having strong employability skills can open up opportunities for career advancement and promotion, and increase your earning potential. Many employers seek candidates with a combination of technical expertise and strong employability skills, as they are more likely to be successful and productive in the workplace. Overall, learning employability skills is essential for anyone looking to build a successful and fulfilling career.

Is the Cambridge Employability Skills the Right Course for You?


You are eligible to take the course if you are at least 20 years of age, have a B1 level in English, and have at least one year of teaching experience.

An International Trainer for an International Course

The live input sessions are designed and run by Cambridge CELTA tutor and ELT management expert Mohamed Samk. Mr. Samk has more than eight years of experience in the Education field, including challenging roles ranging from teaching, to teacher training, exams management, educational sales, marketing,  and educational management. Samk is currently a manager and a management consultant for some of the Middle East’s largest and most prominent language teaching organizations, with a robust academic management background, including a Cambridge Delta level 7 qualification in ELT management, as well as project management certificates. 


Course dates: 18 May to 8 June.

For more information about this course or our other teacher training courses, contact us: at, or +212680542220.


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