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Violetta already had over 20 years of teaching experience in higher education when she took the CELTA course with English for Africa. She had taught in computer science in universities using English as a medium of instruction, but she had never actually taught English as a foreign language. Her years of experience as a classroom teacher had familiarized her with pedagogical theories and enabled her to deal with classroom management issues, while the CELTA course gave her insight into how to teach languages, and in particular gave her a new awareness of the English language not only as a medium of instruction, but as a subject in and of itself. Her lessons are lively and interesting, and structured around the principles of communicative language learning, where learning happens as a result of students communicating with the teacher and with each other.

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Montasir Rabah
Montasir Rabah
Apr 01, 2023

Such an insightful interview! Always good to learn from the experiences of other teachers.

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