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My Experience Working for EFA

I'm writing this blog to share my experience teaching for EFA. I'll begin by presenting myself. My name is Sanae Mahboub, and I'm 22 years old. I recently took the CELTA course, and I started working with EFA in July 2022.

The EFA team is characterized by hard work, dedication, and tenacity. Working for EFA is like taking another CELTA course, and that's what I appreciate so much about my experience here. I get to put what I learned in CELTA into actual practice, let it all sink in, and grow as a person. When I observe Mr. Oummih's classes, I acquire knowledge from his vast expertise in managing hundreds of courses and students while traveling the world. Additionally, the input he sometimes provides after witnessing my classes assists in my speedy development and helps me recognize and build upon my abilities.

Working with EfA's Director, Mr. Mohammed Oummih

Mr. Oummih is an expert teacher, and I strive to deliver lessons that satisfy the requirements of the EFA center as well as Mr. Oummih. Of course, it's not easy, but Mr. Oummih is always there to support us. From the outset, he assisted me by being ever-present and listening to his staff. He is not just my boss but also a tutor and a teacher. He has allowed me an opportunity to perform my ideal job and a conducive environment for growth. For me, he serves as a remarkable role model. I take notes from him, and occasionally I follow his steps.

Working with the EFA team

In English for Africa, the flow is quick. We work swiftly, diligently, and collaboratively to build the project. We always support one another. And when it comes to feedback, we are both open and honest with one another. We have created friendships and careers, allowing us to develop professionally and support one another in pursuing fulfilling careers. We have a great deal of concern for one another and each one's success. We encourage each other to be our best selves since we know each other's strengths.

The EFA team is harmonious because we all share the same values, which makes the hard work bearable and worthwhile.

EFA workplace

Being productive at work heavily depends on the environment. And considering that we spend more time at work than at home. The HR director spends a lot of money on furnishing the area to give it a homey vibe. She infuses the center with warmth through her artistic vision and passion for local products. Which explains why clients are enchanted by the center's design and always stop to admire the plants, artwork, and modern Moroccan decor when they visit. Clients often remark that "it feels like home." She is committed to treating the project thoughtfully, believing that giving students high-quality service is of utmost importance. She always considers the clients and how they will feel about new things she wants to accomplish when she wants to move the project forward.

What does it feel like to be a teacher inside Efa's classroom?

Since most teachers working for Efa are Cambridge-certified teachers, our lessons contain a wide range of techniques and approaches. And what I learned from CELTA, and what we actually care about, is helping our students shine by offering them the opportunity to improve their language abilities in a peaceful setting where they feel safe making errors, knowing that we are there to help, not to judge.

I connect well with my students on a personal level. They are admirable to teach, and I always look forward to seeing them. I select materials that students can relate to, making them feel like the class is all about them. We employ various activities based on the age and academic level of the students, and we also consider their personalities while coming up with suggestions for activities.

Being a Cambridge-certified teacher and working for English for Africa is the ideal combination to start a successful career as an English language teacher. I can put my knowledge to practice and be part of a team that supports me and has a leader like Mister Oummih, who never ceases to motivate me.

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