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Teacher training for today's Africa


English for Africa

Our vision for Africa

English from Africa, English for Africa

Despite its historical origins, English is no longer an English language; it is an international language, the world's current, and most likely future lingua franca. English now comes from those who speak it all around the world, and it will come increasingly from Africa as well. By training Africa’s teachers to be effective teachers of English as a second or foreign language, English for Africa aims to help leverage the language into a tool for Africa's future prosperity and solidarity.​

English for Africa is an authorized Cambridge Teaching Qualifications Center.
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From Africa to Africa

African nations are, generally speaking, closer to other African nations, and that geographic proximity is a resource for its people. Coordination is key for Africa’s future, and coordination requires communication. It is in this essential area that English for Africa can help to play a role.


Pre-service English Teachers

For pre-service teachers, or teachers who want a firmer grounding in communicative techniques and an internationally recognized certificate, EfA offers the Cambridge CELTA course.

ELT Institutions

For in-service teachers and institutions, we offer a comprehensive list of courses and workshops, as well as in-house training services tailored to your teachers' needs. For flexible training needs, we also offer distance training solutions using teacher-filmed lessons for observations and forum discussion-based feedback.

Needs Analysis

If you're not sure which courses are most suitable for your teachers, EfA will conduct a needs analysis to help you find out.

Inas, Fully Online, Winter 2020

So they told me, Inas, you've become more academic, you've become more professional... It worked...! And so they promoted me to be a lead teacher... And then by the end of the year they started telling me, Inas, your performance was great, so we are going to promote you to be a subject coordinator. (Watch the video here.)

Fatima Zahra, Fully Only, Spring 2021

We were not only studying, we were also putting what we learned into practice. So it was a 2 in 1 kind of thing, a course and a training, which is one of the best things about the CELTA. (Read more here)

Gianluigi, Fully Online, Fall 2020

Overall, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. If I could step back in time, I wouldn't hesitate to take the course at English for Africa again... I strongly recommend the centre to anyone who is willing to take his career in the teaching industry to the next level. (Read more here.)

Aicha, Mixed Mode, Summer 2021

From the get-go, our CELTA trainers at EfA kept a supportive and informative demeanor. We got different materials about what we are required to do at different stages of the course. Our trainers were extremely approachable and ready to answer all our questions. (Read more here.)

A CELTA course for Africa

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We believe that the student-centered, communicative approach to teaching endorsed by Cambridge English is extremely well-suited to Moroccan culture, which highly values group interactions, and places a premium on team work as well as individual self-expression. This is why English for Africa has placed the CELTA course at the center of its course offering.

Over twenty-five years in the teaching and training classroom have enabled us to provide numerous other courses as well. In addition to the courses below, you'll find a complete list and course descriptions on our Courses and Workshops page.

  • The fundamentals of Clil

  • Train the trainer

  • The flipped classroom

  • Project-based learning for the EFL classroom

  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Language activities with QR codes

  • Fun vocabulary activities

  • Fun grammar activities

  • How to teach listening

  • Authentic materials in English for Academic Purposes

  • Creative writing

  • Screenwriting/Dramatic Writing

Some EfA workshops and short

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